About First Doktor

Dr. Peter Atangwho (aka First Doktor) is a dual-licensed medical doctor (Nigeria and United Kingdom). He has empowered millions of people to take control of their health by sharing timeless health tips on his fast growing social platforms, delivering public health lectures, and providing efficient online consultations to numerous clients around the world irrespective of their location using cutting-edge technology. 
Working with a highly efficient team of qualified professionals, Dr. Peter Atangwho oversees the Telemed Online Clinic which holistically caters to your General Medical, Nutritional, Fitness & Beauty, and Mental Health & Addictions needs.
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  • General Medical

    How healthy are you? When was the last time you visited a Hospital or see your Doctor?  Staying healthy is expensive so is medical treatment.  What health concern bothers you the most? Are you tired of incessant ailment? Our experts are here for you.

  • Mental Health & Addictions

    Your mental health is paramount, in the quest to heal from a mental depression you build new habits that turns into addiction. this addiction(s) ain't doing any good. "You're not alone ." 

  • Fitness & Beauty

    Taking your health serious starts with you. Staying fit is not always about the best workout or hitting the gym in a special different ways. It's a health style that revolve in all sphere of your life 

  • Metabolic Health & Nutrition

    "You're what you eat." if you want to take your health serious, you need to be mindful of what you eat - not sure of what to eat? Our certified nutritionist and dietitians will put in measure to deliver a feeding plan that is suitable to your medical health as individuals or partners

  • Sexual & Reproductive Health

    Sexual wellness, Erectile dysfunction treatment STI prevention and treatment, perineal hygiene and genotype counselling.